Proceedings of the 38th MLG meeting at Gamagori, Japan 2004

Table of Contents

 02--04 Toshimasa Matsumoto Construction of Counter-models for the Modal Logic K4B
 05--07 Max I. Kanovich, Mitsuhiro Okada and Kazushige Terui Intuitionisitic Phase Spaces are Almost Classical
 08--10 Ryo Yoshinaka There is an Abstract Categorial Grammar Generating an NP-Complete Language
 11--13 Satoru Yoshida The Banach-Steinhaus theorem for (LF)-spaces in constructive analysis
 14--16 Masako Takahashi On general recursive functions
 17--19 Hiroki Takamura Amalgamation property of Commutative Residuated Lattices
 20--22 Takahiro Seki The -admissibility for Relevant Modal Logics with Lemmon-Scott Axioms
 23--25 D. Gabelaia, A. Kurucz, F. Wolter and M. Zakharyaschev Products of `transitive' modal  logics with constant and expandig domains
 26--28 Daisuke Souma Algebraic approach to disjunction property of substructural logics
 29--31 Hitoshi Kihara Halld\'{e}n Completeness of Substructural Logics
 32--34 Hiroakira Ono Glivenko Properties of Substructural Logics
 35--37 Tadeusz Litak Complexity of tense logics of linear time flows
 38--40 F\'{e}lix Bou Strict implication logics (e.g., intuitionistic propositional logic) correspond to removing symmetry from bisimilarity
 41--43 Ryo Ishigaki Gentzen-Style Sequent Calculi for Strict Implication
 44--46 Katsumi Sasaki Conjunctive Normal Forms in S4 and S4Grz
 47--49 Mamoru Kaneko and Nobu-Yuki Suzuki
Contetwise Complexity of Inferences in Epistemic Logic
 50--52 Katsuhiko SANO Bimodal Logics with Irreflexive Modality
 53--55 Ryo Kashima Completeness via labelled sequent calculi for bimodal logics with irreflexive modality

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